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Solar Chalet

The custom Solar Chalet Product Line is the perfect solution to:

The Solar Chalet is a pre-engineered structural and electrical PV solar system and is offered for residential or commercial locations. The Solar Chalet kits are available in several sizes and variations. Our kits include all the electrical components as well as the structural components. The following options are available:

6 Different Sizes
Grid-tied Off-Grid
4 Beam End Designs
6 different color options
Standard posts, fiberglass columns, or Commercial grade posts
2 Tilt options (flat or 10 degrees)
Rain Water harvesting gutter and collector

6 Different Available Sizes:

The table below summarizes the dimensions, square footage and annual predicted production for each system size.

Grid Tied vs Off-Grid:

Each system described above can be made available as a grid tied or off-grid system. With a grid-tied system, you will remain hooked up to the Utility Power Grid to continue to receive electricity at night. (see picture below.) An off-grid system uses batteries to store the electricity that is generated during the day to be used at night. Please contact us, if you have an off-grid application, because prices will vary depending on storage capacity needed for your application. All pricing is standard for grid-tied systems.

Various Beam End Designs

We have 4 options for you to choose from when selecting how the ends of your beams should look. There is no price difference between the available options. Customize the look of your system!

6 different color options

BEAUTY - multiple colors, styles and sizes to choose from
QUALITY - lifetime limited warranty on the structure, 25 year performance guarantee on the solar panels
VALUE - add value to one of your biggest investments and increase the equity in your home.


Choose from the colors shown as these are approximate. Standard posts, fiberglass columns, or Commercial grade posts.

The standard posts are shown in the picture on this web page. These have a steel post in center with 2 wider Aluminum fronts on the outside. The aluminum is embossed with the wood grain finish. Another option is to upgrade to the use of fiberglass columns. You still use the provided steel posts for inside the columns, then set these decorative columns around them. These will arrive to you unpainted. A faux finish can be applied to give it a marbleized look. Each column costs $150 to upgrade. A commercial grade post will look like the standard posts, however, it uses a heaver gauge steel post inside and the post is fully wrapped with the aluminum. Those posts cost an additional $130 each.

NO Painting - ever
NO Warping or Cracking - Guaranteed
NO Insect Infestation
NO Rotting like other materials