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At PEP Solar, our goal is to deliver the best possible solar electric systems to our clients at competitive prices. PEP Solar understands our customers have different requirements and objectives. To accommodate those needs, we have developed a set of integrated processes enabling PEP to create the best and optimal solar electric solution based on pride excellence and performance.

Recent Installs

PEP Solar completes 18,000 watt Premium High Quality Mage solar electric PV system for $3 million dollar home in north Scottsdale Arizona.

This system will produce more than more than 27,000 watt hours of power per year (taking into account 40% weather change per year) and producing $400,000 in savings over it's guaranteed 30 year power. We just could not believe how fast the meter was running backwards on these new USA Mage solar power modules.

10 KW - Gilbert, Arizona

This is a 10 kW flat foam roof solar electric system integrated on a secondary guest home (part of a very large ranch home) in Gilbert, Arizona.This system currently produces roughly 1633 kWh of electricity per month, saving $3,527.00 and 7,688 lbs of CO2.

10 KW - Paradise Valley, Arizona

PEP Solar installs 10KW system in Paradise Valley, Arizona

22 KW - Paradise Valley, Arizona

PEP Solar installs 22KW system in Paradise Valley Arizona

33 KW - Scottsdale, Arizona

PEP Solar installs 33KW system in Scottsdale Arizona

20 KW - Cave Creek, Arizona

PEP Solar installs 20KW system in Cave Creek Arizona

8 KW - Buckeye, Arizona

PEP Solar installs 8KW system in Buckeye Arizona

9 KW - Queen Creek, Arizona

PEP Solar installs 9KW special powertec mage Queen Creek

Casita Custom Install

PEP Solar Installs system on casita.