can i unleash my power to save?

solar works as an investment saving you money for other things

It is very simple why home owners are going with Solar PV (electric). It provides continuous and predictable returns on investment. No one can move or hide your investment, and it provides a means of shielding yourself from the current high inflation. The Department of Energy has stated to expect utility rates to increase annually between 4 and up to a whopping 14.65%.



Solar PV electricity has been proven by PEP Solar with our installs starting in 1981, to be one of the most reliable energy sources, and with a lack of moving parts including up to 30-year power guarantee (select models) can last up to 50 years. With minimal to no maintenance except using a garden hose once in awhile, this makes your solar very user friendly.



So do you think solar is expensive? It's too expensive not to have it! With our zero out of pocket Got Solar Now™ financing options you can install solar for a similar payment you're paying your utility company while your future payments at some point will end. This is called your payback. The difference when you have solar; You now only have a meter read charge of approximately $18 and you don't have an electric bill or the inflation. Your average rate of return on investment for the next 30 years is 10% or more. Most likely better that your bank account and unlike your "401K" this is guaranteed returns increasing 4 - 14.65% a year from 25 to 30 years.



About 70% of our customers choose ownership over leasing because they receive all the benefits, 30% federal tax credits, AZ tax credits, protection from property appreciation taxation until 2040, and other benefits.

let's be a solar hipster, together

An American dream for real change, by going green, to help make the world a better place starting with you and your community. Save money save the planet, and help your community thrive.

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