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how does solar power work?

Solar power systems simply and with no moving parts convert sunlight into electricity for your home or business. Silicon wafers similarly imbedded in your laptop or cell phone captures energy from sunlight and converts it into DC power. The secondary part of the non-moving system, inverters, then transfers 120 volt AC power and connected to your home’s or business’s existing electrical system, as well as your neighborhood’s electrical grid. When the sun is shining (generally 310 days a year in Arizona unless its raining), most homes are able to generate more power than you consume. This means your electrical meter will actually spin backwards! Then, at night when your home or business is no longer generating power you'll draw on utility company’s less expensive power, essentially using the electrical grid as a energy storage.

can i really get solar power installed for $0 down

Yes! Not only can you get it installed for $0 down but you will also save money on your monthly electricity bills and own your solar™. Through government incentives and appealing financing you can get solar installed for nothing down and your only commitment is paying your monthly electricity bill which will be at a rate lower than what you already pay the utility companies. It is an amazing program available to consumers but could only be available for a limited time depending on how long government programs allowing you to sell power to the utility companies are kept in place. We take care of all the details ensuring an incredibly simple process for you to get solar power in your home. Just be sure to act now so you can take advantage of these excellent programs!

why should i get solar power?

With so much sun available to us in Arizona it’s absolutely no-brainer solution to get solar power for your home or business as soon as possible. Not only can you get a system installed on your home but you’ll also benefit from greatly reduced electricity rates once your system is installed. Less worry about will my electric bill be higher this year than last or wondering if your energy cost is over $200 a month in the summer. Also with concerns regarding the environment, global economy, or national security Americans need to take it upon themselves to make that difference starting with their own homes or businesses. When man landed on the moon it was “One Giant Leap For Mankind.” Solar power is an easy step towards improving our environment, our economy, and national security. When You Unleash Your Power You Win!

is my home a good candidate for solar?

Your home’s or business’s location, shading from parapet walls or trees, the square footage of your roof, the type of roof, and the electrical panel are all factors which need to be looked at while you consider solar for your home or business. Generally, you want to install a solar electric (PV) system in a location which is free from shading. Additionally it is ideal if the roof itself is oriented south, west, or east. Our energy consultants will consider all of these factors, and assist will the best options that may effect the amount of power your solar power system is able to produce. This isn’t to say that if you have shading on your roof or if your roof isn’t facing the right direction you can’t qualify for the solar program. You will be able to chose from an array of products to still qualify for an efficient system. That is why we strongly urge anyone that is interested in solar to complete our online application which will Unleash Your Power To Save. Fill Out Our Application Form Now.

what is the difference between "thermal" or "pv"?

Solar Electric Systems utilize a process called Photovoltaic or PV to convert light into electricity. Solar Thermal or Water / Refrigerant systems use the sun’s radiated heat to create hot water. PEP Solar is Arizona’s first residential solar electric installer from 1981 although we are certified in many energy saving products.

does solar pv produce and pollution

There are no polluting devices installed. Once the system is installed, the solar electric system produces quiet, consistent, pollution free electricity for your home, business, and/or electric car.

how much power can i produce on my roof?

Usually the amount of roof space is enough to generate a match to your energy usage. In some cases your restriction starts from the shading on your roof or north facing roof tops. Most of the time we can set up a system to match your expectations.

how big is a system?

Systems vary in size, based on the number of panels you need. For example, a 6kW system will need approx. 460 sq. ft. slightly bigger than an average U.S. living room.

how do i know i have a good site for a a solar electric system?

A roof top view to the south is a good start. PEP Solar can conduct a Site Survey to discover the best energy efficiency and system design for your location.

what roles does panel efficiency play in energy production?

Efficiency of panels as a selling point is often misleading, as efficiency plays no role in producing more power. Efficiency only reflects the physical size of a module & price. As an example: a 200 watt 15% efficient panel vs. 200 watt 20% efficient panel — the 20% efficient panel produces the same 200 watts as the 15% just in 25% less space — typically at about 20% more in cost. Our USA Solar panels have excellent efficiency, but they have something even better: up to 30 year power guarantee (when you choose our high end product - adding 12 more weeks for delivery) which means you are getting more manufactured savings.


must your hoa approve solar?

Simple answer: YES

New Laws allow homeowners who reside in an HOA to have solar installed on their roof. HOA must comply with Federal and State Laws to Allow For Solar. Home associations who continually delay meetings approve solar are obstructing federal and state laws to allow for solar. Some homeowners associations have tried to ban homeowners from installing solar panels for a variety of reasons. Arizona law now protects individual homeowners' private property rights to solar access by dissolving and local covenant, restrictions or condition to a property deed that restricts the use of solar energy.

installation & design

how does solar get installed to the roof?

The system is attached to the roof with city approved hardware for each specific roof type. Each penetration by PEP Solar is designed with several code required fail safes ensuring your roof will not leak and the system is wind rated 120 miles per hour. All parts of a Solar Electric, Solar Water Heating, Solar Thermal Air Conditioning system, and so forth are UL listed and meet all standards.

how much does a typical system weight?

A typical system will weigh approximately 2.61 - 5 pounds per square foot. PEP Solar can further clarify loads during the system design phase.

can i do the installation on my own system?

Arizona, as well as the utility does not allow homeowners (unless you are an engineer/electrician) to install the system and take advantage of the state rebates that equate to 10-50% of the system costs. PEP Solar is a certified QSI (Qualified Solar Installer) and will assist you in taking full advantage of all incentives and in most cases provide a better quality system than you can buy online.

does it require maintenance?

No. Solar PV systems are unique in the renewable energy industry. In fact it requires none or very little maintenance, as it has no moving parts. You may need a simple garden hose to spray them off once in awhile if they get dusty although we do highly recommend you treat your solar PV panels with Sparkle Clean Solar System a nano-dirt repellent.

do i need batteries?

No. While energy storage or self-sufficiency may be your goal, most systems employ no batteries. Rather they are tied into the power grid. When the PV system is not producing electricity the grid will provide an uninterrupted power supply to your home or business.


what happens with hail?

Solar Panels are rated to survive a direct hit of 1” hailstone at wind speeds in access of 55 mph. Industry wide there has been little report of failure due to hail storms. Panel replacement would be covered under most insurance policies.

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