Net Metering & APS

For many months now, net metering & APS have been an issue in the solar industry. Earlier this summer, APS purposed two plans for net metering and many solar companies in Arizona are not impressed with these plans. Net metering has become an important part of the solar industry.

What is “Net Metering”?

Net metering is a way to track a customer’s excess electricity that is generated and compensating them, in return. The problem is that APS’ first plan involves “a new rate plan that would include more fixed costs based on their peak power use” (O’Grady, APS to bring two net metering plans to ACC, 2013).

The second plan involves getting rid of net metering altogether. APS would provide its customers with a bill credit and would provide the customer with the utility’s power, while the solar power created would go directly on the grid. This may mean that APS could “sell power to its customers at retail rates that, depending on the time of year, could easily double that charge (O’Grady, APS to bring two net metering plans to ACC, 2013).

Next month there will be a public meeting from the Arizona Corporation Commission ( ACC) to discuss this net metering issue. Until then, many in the solar industry await for their final decision that will affect many in Arizona (O’Grady, Arizona solar group wants APS investigated over controversial donations, 2013).

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