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How Solar System works:

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PEP Solar makes it easy for you to own your own solar:

Step 1Call PEP Solar
The solar industry today has a number of benefits and also confusions. With our experience and award winning performance, you should call us, so we can help you make the right decision.
Step 2 Design / Quote
  • Free Cost Analysis, ROI and free quote
  • Design a solar system to fit your power needs.
  • Solar panels, Ac & Heating, Solar hot water and Lighting
Step 3 Permits
  • Upon signing of contract, Permits, Rebates, HOA Communication and Net Metering process are handled by PEP Solar.
Step 4 Installation
  • Installation will be performed by our team of professional engineers, solar experts, and integrators.
Step 5 Job Completion
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our job is not complete until your system is city approved and your meter is scheduled to run backwards.
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Who We Are & Why People Choose Us

We are an Arizona solar installer family-owned business installing solar since 1981, and our clients obtain the lowest cost of guaranteed power production. We provide options to equalize the balance in comfort and savings by you owning your solar™ with customized product solutions for your residential solar or commercial solar projects. We install your solar PV electric system in 90 days, educate you every step of the way, work with your HOA for Approval and we are regarded by many as the Best solar company in Arizona.

There are many Arizona solar companies, although our solar panel products provide amazing energy savings, US manufactured products are always offered first, and we unleash your power to save™. In our holistic approach demonstrated since 1978, i.e. PEP Panels, we combine energy savings with guaranteed production, and more comfort. Our award winning company year over year and 2013 Best of Arizona makes PEP Solar the best solar installers and providers in Arizona. We do not out smart our customers, PEP Solar provides the lowest guaranteed cost of generated solar electricity with advanced solutions and full disclosures. Our full disclosures make PEP Solar the best solar company in Arizona.

We are a team of experienced energy consultants whose goal is to provide you with quality products demonstrating cost effective custom energy solutions. We will examine your home or business energy usage, note the steps already taken to go green and build a plan based on your needs. All energy solutions such as energy audits, insulation, attic ventilation, HVAC performance, air duct system leakage, water heating efficiencies, window/door leakage, current energy plan, base outside paints, and emergency plan will be considered with our heat rated Arizona Solar PV Electric install first. We then will create a step by step plan to increase your efficiency and reduce your utility bills while maximizing other solutions such as including electric car charging and provide a variety of financing options.

The Sun is shining bright outside, and you use sun tan lotion to protect your skin, so why not use Az solar to protect your wallet & roof !

With so many companies, churches, communities and HOAs going solar with PEP Solar it just make sense for you too.

Business is great, and everyone is going solar, so Take Your Step With PEP (623) 806-8806 or fill out our FREE ENERGY EVALUATION form!

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Solar Hipster™

Our definition:
A Human Being that values independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, has an appreciation for art, creativity, mother-earth, and possesses ounces of cool to continue to make America great. An American dream for real change, by going green, to help make the world a better place starting with you and your community. Save money, save the planet, and help your community thrive.
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Albert Einstein:

“The world is a dangerous place not because of those who do bad things, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”


Residential Arizona Solar Installer

Why is Solar Right for Arizona? Will Your HOA Approve Solar?
Heart Meter - Love your solar!

  • Our jobs cannot be shipped over-seas.
  • Your system will be installed and Built by PEP a Local Company.
  • Every system installed pumps new money into your pocket and our economy.
  • Arizona has more sunshine than any other state in America (310 days).
  • Solar is not affected by hurricane inflation, or revolutionary inflation, just because “we can” inflation, or gas fuel prices.
  • Feel Good About Yourself because “YOU WILL”.
Arizona has the brightest future in the nation, with owning your savings for decades.


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Reasons for Picking Pep Solar:
  • Longevity
  • Experience & All Energy Aspects Examined
  • Company Production Warranty On PV Electric
  • Custom Designs, and Step by Step Plan
  • 90 day Completion Time (solar PV), 5 Year System Diagnostics
  • Customer Focused Home Association Service Assistance
  • EASY, Full-Service Solar Solutions